About Nimbus

Nimbus Global India Limited is formed to be one of the premier players in the Advance Farming Solutions, Premium Grocery products and Affordable Housing projects.
We at Nimbus designs, manufactures, erects and equips greenhouse systems for seed and plant propagation, reforestation nurseries and general nursery applications.
Nimbus offers a complete range of greenhouse solutions, provided in conjunction with horticultural experts and supporting equipment specialists. We combine product and technologies to achieve multitude of solutions.

We offer an array of products, ranging from research to commercial facilities for our esteemed customers. We also undertake projects on Turnkey Basis and in Public Private Partnership's mode.

Our Values

VISION: To create a congenial atmosphere of working where interests and needs of customers are nurtured committedely .We will implement our vision through quality services, fair opportunity creation for employees and enormous self employment opportunities for the willing people.

OUR PHILOSPHY: We at Nimbus Global India Limited believe that our secured and bright future lay with rich base of customers, confident associates, cheered employees and well equipped operation centres.


What we offer


Screen House

Nimbus specializes in developing Screen house for production of virus free quality planting material. We provide specially designed houses to protect crops from scorching heat and insect pests especially vectors.


Net House

We specially designed Nethouses for protecting plants from excess sunlight and provide the required quantity of sunlight to stimulate the optimum plant growth.Crops are also protected against damage from birds, insects etc.


Hardning Chamber

We specially designed primary and secondary hardenings chambers ensure negligible plantlet loss in the hardening process. Our designs ensure the availability of micro climate suited to the plantlets as varies from plant to plant.


Mist Chamber

We provide Mist Chambers which are widely used for cloning of various plants species including medicinal plants and for growth and development of different types of vegetative plant organs as well as seed.


Growth Chamber

Nimbus has come up with State of the Art Plant Growth Chamber with wide range of temperature, humidity and light intensity patterns that are essential in plant growth.useful for all type of plant related research.


Rainout Shelter

we offer Rainout shelter, which is designed to prevent the experimental plots from rains and high speed wind. This facility is used for drought related studies as it provides a means of controlling the input of water.


Fertigation System

It is designed to provide accurate and reliable fertilization at an affordable price. The materials it is made of are particularly durable and it has been constructed with as few moving parts in low cost.


Hi-tech & Natural Ventilated Polyhouse

Used for growing exotic flowers and vegetables at adverse conditions, this offered Hi-Tech Poly House is highly demanded in the market,Made using hot dipped galvanized metals, this poly house has a tubular structure.

Turnkey Projects

Green House Turnkey Projects

It is a structure in which plants are grown. Greenhouses protect crops from too much heat or cold and help to keep out pests. Light and temperature control allows greenhouses to give ideal conditions for plants to give optimum yield.


What we have created

Greater Noida

Yes, we built in Greater Noida


We built in Noida


Yes, We built in Ghaziabad


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